Sebastián Sonzogni

I’m Sebastian Sonzogni, Co-Founder and Senior Foley Artist @The Foley Bros.

I decided to work in sound for films during my early years, studying Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires. I started working on set in 1998 in the film “El Juguete Rabioso” with a mono Nagra recorder. Since that, I continued working on set and fortunately, I had the chance to work in several and great movies and also… I traveled a lot!

Since 2004 I started doing my “first steps” on Foley, recording so many hours, doing more than 6000 bodyfalls, 9000 punches and 12000 crack sounds.

With the begin of the Technological Globalization, I had the chance to became the first argentinan Foley supplier to the main Asian filmakers industry.

When my second child came, I decided to quit working long days on set and I became a full time Foley Artist.

Nowadays we joined energies with my friend and brother Rafael Millán and together we founded “The Foley Bros” and we have been giving Foley services for films and TV series from all around the world. Also we lean on many others local sound bros and sis in our team.

We strongly believe in the power of positive thinking in the workplace and we try to spread our love and passion in all we do.

Rafael Millán

I’m Rafael Millán, Co-Founder and Foley Supervisor @The Foley Bros.

I started the journey in sound in my early years, driven by a passion for music and instruments. I learn several about them, always as a hobbyist.

With the rise of digital technology and the growth of internet in 90’s, I had access to computers and gadgets with any kind of software that I never imagined.

The need to be professional arrived in the early 2000 so I had the opportunity to study at The “Taller de Arte Sonoro.” Part of the A.E.S organization.

Focused on being a music sound engineer, I finished my studies and suddenly find out an all new world coming… The Audio Post Production applied to TV, Cinema and Commercials were growing exponentially.

After several hybrid works, where I composed original music for Indie Films and Sound Design, I decided to move forward to new things to learn.

In 2012 I move to Argentina where I met and worked with several pro sound masters included my friend and brother Sebastian Sonzogni.

Some years later, we joined forces and founded “The Foley Bros.” where we found the perfect balance between art and technology, offering to our clients the sound that they need.

Valentina Pasetti

I’m Valentina Pasetti, Foley recorder @TheFoleyBros.

I knew that I wanted to work in the sound area since my university stage. I began studying the Faculty of Film and TV of the Faculty of Arts of the National University of Córdoba in 2009. There I found my passion for cinema and took my first steps as a sound engineer working freelance for the local, national and international film industry. Subsequently, I served as a teacher in the sound department of the Faculty of Arts from the same University.

I began working on set in 2010, an activity I enjoyed for several years. At the same time and in order to become even more professional, I took training courses in post-production.

In 2016, I moved to General Pico La Pampa. Here I started working for the university channel of the National University of La Pampa.

I believe that my professional journey has provided me with invaluable insights into the industry through my involvement in diverse work teams.

In order to enhance my skills as a sound engineer, I have extensively traveled, which has provided me with the opportunity to encounter new professionals, including my current colleagues Sebastian Sonzogni and Rafael Millan from The Foley Bros. Place where I am currently working.

For any inquiries please email